What Should I Bring/Wear?

Mat – Mat – It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat. You may rent a mat from our studio for $2. We also have mats available for purchase.

Towel – We recommend that you bring a towel particularly for a yoga class with heat above 26 degrees. A large towel that covers your mat will help to prevent you from slipping. We also have towels specifically designed for a hot yoga practice available for purchase at the studio.

Water – It is important to hydrate properly before a yoga class and you may bring in a bottle to sip from throughout your practice.

Attire – Wear something comfortable that you can move and relax in. “Dry-fit” style clothing is helpful during a hot yoga class but any kind of clothes you would normally wear to the gym should be sufficient.

I’m not flexible…can I still do yoga?

Absolutely. If you can lie down on the floor and breathe, then you can do yoga! All of our teachers are qualified to help guide you through the postures and movements whether or not you consider yourself to be physically flexible. Yoga is also a mindful and spiritual practice that can help you to feel calmer and more at ease in your body and mind – flexibility is not required to achieve this.

How hot is your hot yoga?

At Viveka Yoga we offer both heated and non-heated classes. You can see the different temperatures of the classes on our color coated schedule by clicking the “download our schedule” button at the top of THIS page.

For the heated classes, we never go above 28 degrees Celsius – consider it like practicing outside on a warm, sunny day! If ever you feel dizzy, thirsty or faint in any way we recommend that you drink water, breathe deep and back off a little bit.

Can I get injured during a yoga class?

There is a physical component to a yoga practice that poses a risk of injury. The good news is that yoga also helps you to better understand and connect with how your body feels. “No pain, no gain” is NOT a recommended approach for your yoga practice. It is very important to listen to your body and to avoid any kind of movements or poses that feel painful or uncomfortable. We encourage you to back off or take a break any time you feel discomfort during the class.

It is also helpful to choose the appropriate class for your physical needs. We offer a wide variety of classes from restorative yoga to more vigorous, movement-based practices. Feel free to call or come in to the studio at any time to discuss with us and we will be happy to help direct you. You can also read a full description of our class offerings here.

We also ask that you inform your instructor before the start of class if you have any current physical injuries or limitations. All of our teachers are qualified to offer modifications and options to help make your yoga practice feel the very best for your unique body – if something doesn’t feel comfortable during class you can quietly signal for the teacher and he/she will be happy to help!

What if I have a cold or flu? Can I still attend a class?

We appreciate that you may enjoy the heat or relaxation aspects of a yoga class when you have a cough or cold however we ask that you please practice your yoga at home if you are not feeling well. Our studio is a small space and germs spread faster in the heat. We would like to keep everyone feeling healthy so please rest at home and come practice with us as soon as you’re feeling better!

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend classes?

Yes, the minimum age to attend our regularly scheduled classes is 16 years old, and we will need a written consent from a parent or guardian if you are under 18.

How do I sign up for a class?

If you are already a registered member of Viveka Yoga you can simply come by our studio at least 15 minutes prior to class to sign in or you are welcome to sign up in advance here if you’d like to reserve your space. We lock the door once the class begins so unfortunately latecomers will not be able to join in.

For new members, we recommend arriving slightly earlier as we will ask you to fill out a little form and sign a waiver. We offer a special introductory price to all first time members – it is $20 for 20 days of unlimited yoga, which allows you to try different classes and teachers and decide what suits you best.

What about studio etiquette? Is there anything specific I should know?


When you enter the yoga room, we ask that you arrange your mat and any props quietly. Many members use their time before class to relax or meditate so we try to keep the room as silent as possible before class begins.

The yoga room is also a technology-free zone. We ask that you refrain from bringing your cell phone or other electronic devices into the class. Please also be sure to turn your phone on silent so that the members do not hear it ringing from the locker rooms or lounge during a class.

Viveka Yoga is a small community space where we love to chat and get know each other but we also ask that you are respectful of those who choose to enter the yoga room early or stay late to relax or meditate. Please keep your voice down in the lounge area if ever there are people in the yoga room.

We also ask that you refrain from wearing any perfumes or colognes during class, and please be mindful of tracking in the smell of cigarette smoke. In a small, warm space these kinds of smells can be amplified and are often distracting when we are working on breath techniques.

Please use your towel to wipe up any sweat left on the floor around your mat after class.

Please also wipe down and return any mats or props that you rented or borrowed from us to their appropriate places after each class.

Please refrain from leaving the yoga room during the class unless absolutely necessary.

We ask that you leave your personal belongings in the change rooms. There are cubbies inside the locker rooms for you to store any valuables. We lock the door to the studio before the start of each class so no one can enter, but whenever possible please try to leave your valuables at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

We do not tolerate bullying, competitiveness or discrimination of any kind in our studio space. All members have the right to practice yoga in their own way. We kindly ask that you remain respectful and courteous to your fellow community members before, after and during class.

Feel free to contact us HERE with any other questions or concerns. We will be happy to discuss and practice with you!