About Viveka Yoga

At Viveka Yoga we recognize that each person is a UNIQUE individual
but that we are all HUMAN in our experience.

When we make space for each person to roll out their mat and connect with their body, we are supporting each person in their uniqueness.

When we move and breathe together throughout our yoga practice, we are supporting one another as human beings of this earth.

Our mission is to offer a community space where individuals can come together to support one another in their uniqueness. We truly believe that yoga is for everyone and we strive to create an open environment that welcomes diversity.

We aim to offer a wide range of classes and yoga styles. All classes are bilingual and open to all.

We encourage each yoga teacher to share their own unique yoga practice with the studio members and in turn we encourage our members to stay open and curious about the many benefits that a yoga practice can bring to their lives.

At Viveka Yoga we believe that YOU are the very best authority on your health and overall wellbeing. We want to help you connect and sensitize more deeply to yourself so that you can discover what makes YOU feel great!