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Welcome to Viveka Yoga – a community yoga studio located in the heart of Lachine. We truly believe that yoga is for everyone and we strive to create an open environment that welcomes and encourages diversity.

Practice Kindness. Practice Peace. Practice Ease. Practice Authenticity. Practice Wellbeing. Practice Joy. Practice Strength. Practice Compassion.
Practice Creativity. Practice Awareness. Practice Happiness.

We look forward to practicing with you!

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We offer a wide range of yoga classes for all ages

At Viveka Yoga we strive to offer a diverse series of classes to fit your unique needs and we encourage you to explore all the benefits that a yoga practice can offer. We offer Guided Meditation classes, Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, Strala yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga and Restorative Yoga classes. Please see our full schedule and class descriptions for more information.

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Join us for one of our workshops, series or special events!

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Les professeurs de yoga sont incroyables. Elles s'adaptent toujours, nous font évoluer tant physiquement qu'émotionnellement. Viveka est rendu mon havre de paix. Après une journée stressante, je sais que je vais me sentir bien, heureuse, paisible et ressourcée. C'est un peu comme une thérapie pour moi!!!

Mysha Samulack

I’m always so shy when going to a yoga class, worried I’ll be the only guy or I won’t be flexible enough or even that I wouldn’t be able to properly relax but as soon as I entered Viveka I felt right at home. The teacher was the first person to greet me and made me feel super relaxed and I wasn’t the only guy! I really enjoyed the class and have loved yoga ever since.”

Jake Smith

I truly believe that Viveka Yoga found me when I needed it most. I was going through a difficult time in my life when an ad popped up online for the 30 day challenge. I called immediately & took my first class that day. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I feel physically stronger, emotionally calmer & just overall more balanced from a regular practice. I love the variation of classes & styles, as well as all the teachers. They are creative, personable & encouraging, always helping to explore & deepen each students practice. The owner is passionate, kind & sympathetic. You can tell she genuinely loves what she's doing. On top of that, the students are warm & welcoming to everyone, adding to the great community energy the studio has. I highly recommend giving Viveka Yoga a try; I guarantee you'll be back for more!!”

Brynn Romeo

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